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Re: [IP] Keeping Insulin Fresh

> IF you use an Rx mailing plan - what has been your
> experience (I don't really care who - they are all
> regulated the same way as long as they're in the US)?

Hi Gail,
I get my insulin from express scripts and it comes in a foam envelope along
with some ice packs to keep it cool.  They ship it so that it will arrive at
my rural address overnight.   I always check it when it arrives to make sure
that it is still cool. This is a big improvement over Merck-medco who used
to ship it any old time and occasionally it would be on the road for a week
and arrive warm.  When that happened I'd call them and they would replace
the shipment, but it was a pain.
Now, since starting to use the pump I get my Humalog in the pre-filled
cartridges for my Dtron+ and it's  so easy to do a complete change.  They
give me 3 month's supply of cartridges at a time.  I'm always nervous about
getting insulin in the heat of the summer tho and I try to keep track of
when they ship as it is often over 100 here in northern CA  June through
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