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Re: [IP] How Low Can You Go

 The lowest that I can remember being in th epast 11 years of being diabetic is
35. I was testing my blood at lunch at school in 8th grade and didn't even
notice I felt lo wuntil I saw the number flash at me, then it hit me hard. It is
pretty scary, but I do usually notice it just not until I stop what I am doing
if I am busy.April

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Hi everyone.

I have to ask this question? How low can you go, before you are out. I can 
walk around with sugars as low as 38, I'm far from proud of that, it's scares 
the crap out of me, because most of the time I don't realize it, I have 3 
small kids, 8, 5, 3. And I'm so busy and stressed with them, that I tend to 
notice the symptoms. The only time I notice it, is if I was asleep while it 
happened. Other than that if I out and about I usually don't realize it 
until it is that low. So what's wrong with me. 

I think I 'm too use to having it my levels low on a regular basis, because I 
simply refuse to be high, I like to start my day on low side of about 80 
would be nice. But I'm always lower, I'm trying. 

Let me know. How low can you go.
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