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Subject: Re: [IP] about alcohol

Here's what I know about alcohol and carbs
Wine by definintion has no more than 14% alcohol. 
Dry wine/ most table wines  is about 1.2 g carbs per ounce 
Sweet wine - More than 14% port , sherrie, vermouth  other desserts and     
appertifs   have 2.3 carbs per ounce
Wine coolers range from Bartles and James original 29  
        carbs to some flavors over 40 carbs
For me the bigger the carb number the bigger the trouble
 Mich ultra 2.6 g
 Mich light 11.7g
 Mich amber 15g
 Bud light 6.6g
Doc's Lemonade 16.5g
Mikes Hard Lemonade 38g 
Bahama Mama Not sure but you'd have to count the fruit juice, pop, sweet 
alcohol like triple sec, and Rum, but you dont have to count vodka. Suffice 
to say I would guess a 12 ounce Bahama Mama would have more than 60 g 
depending on the ingredients. That's trouble in my book. But have one and 
check your bg.

I always eat before I drink because I feel the food absorbs some of the 
alcohol. Sun has an affect on the way alcohol absorbs too - which I think 
leaves your body faster when you sweat. But alcohol also can dehydrate you

Stick to drinking things straight up as much as you can. Have fun in the sun!
Have a Happy Anniversary cruise ! Is your husband going too? * )

From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] about alcohol

I have a question, I love to drink wine, I drink the dry stuff, I don't care 
for sweet wine.   But wether dry or sweet aren't they all sweet with sugar.   
 And when I drink, the first thing to happen is a low, then later on a high 
very high.  So if I understood you correctly, are you suggesting to bolus a 
little before a drink. Oh you also said to eat and bolus.    Okay, help me 
out here.   Because I want to be a safe drinking Diabetic, I'm going on a 
cruise next week, and I would like to have a Bahama Mama, and I always stay 
away from the mixed drinks because I don't know how to account for them.  
Help me, I want to have a Bahama Mama and be bring home the glass.  Okay I'm 
silly, but I'm excited about my trip, I will be celebrating my 15 year 
anniversary.  I thank you advance for any suggestions 
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