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Re: [IP] What do you mean-you have a handicap tag for just being on the pump?

Sorry too.  I just got out of a hospital after having daily TIAs and then
carotid artery surgery to clear those up.  Sometimes (not too often, thank
goodness) I feel like why go on.  It's times like that when I can feel
awfully touchy.  So, it's my turn to say sorry.

My best recollection is 30 years for me.  (It takes awhile to have as much
go wrong with me as it has <G>  My worst A1c was 14.  My best was 6.8.  I
may end up struggling to ever get that one again.  Lot's of minor medical
things to mess up my BGs.

I do read people's A1c announcements.  In many cases they want recognition
for their work.  I kind of like any reason to celebrate! <G>  And in cases
where people are looking for support for their not so good A1c, I always try
to give that as well.

Michael has said, it's not good to compare your A1c with other people.  This
is a measurement to aid in treatment and shouldn't be considered a goal line
of some kind.

I wish you all the best!



Keep sharing the hugs!

ps.  You have a sense of humor.  That will see you through the rough times
when it seems like nothing else will work

> Did not mean for you to take it the "wong" way...just an innocent
> question-sorry.
> For myself, have had diabetes for 14-15 years (one day I'll find out the
> exact year!) have been on the pump for almost 18 months. My last A1C was
> not all that great compared to all you folks. It's even been past 10 and
> above, how depressing. Sometimes I skip those messages where IPers are
> reporting their A1C-just depresses me even more. Guess I have no one to
> blame but myself...I am in control of my own life-right.
> No other major health issues, just several minor ones.
> Again, my apologies...have a good day.
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