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Re: [IP] Greetings and request for advice

First let me congratulate you on making the choice to pump, it is great! Now
for my advice on all of this......ALL OF THE PUMPS ARE GREAT! I honestly
think this, do your research, go to all the pump web sites and play with
their virtual pumps to see what one meets your particular needs. I, myself
chose the Animus, I do love it! But, if I had of had the Cosmo option at the
time, I might have gone with it because of its more advanced features, oh
well, I do love my pump!
Now, when you first start pumping, I do not want to scare you at all, but it
wasent what I expected at all. I thought things would be automatically
better.......it could take a while to figure out all of your basal rates,
you may need to change your insulin/carb ratio, then adding exercise, you
have to figure that out, plus in the first month I had to get up a 3am(too
many times to count)to check my sugars to set my basal........it kinda
suck;). BUTTTTTTTTT, now I am having my 6month anniversary today of pumpin!!
Yayyyyyy!! I used to see the paramedics on average every 2 weeks for lows, I
have NOT seen them in over 5 months now!! I would not concider it SMOOTH
SAILIN, but a lot smoother than MDI ever was! You do have to be much more
pro active in your diabetes management, but I dont really have a problem
with that, I like having control over it and being aware of what my sugars
are doing, and now actually being able to do somethign about it, wow, its
One more piece of long winded advice(sorry it is kinda long) get the book
"PUMPING INSULIN" by John Walsh........It will never leave my side!!
Good luck, happy pumping!
Tami in Tucson
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