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Re: [IP] Type 1s, weight loss, and the pump

Same here!!
Mind you when I was diagnosed I weighed a total of 73lbs at 5'5". I was 19
then, and at first I slowly gained weight, I didnt go over weight until I
was 26, went over 200lbs for a while. I started losing weight , but it was
VERY hard, I had lost around 25 or 30 lbs, was down to 175ish then I was
accepted into  get the islet cell transplant, as soon as I had the first
transplant, I lost 20lbs in the first week, then I had the second transplant
and the weight was just melting off of me, I was down to a size 3 and I
think I weighed 125lbs.
Anyway, then my body started rejecting, and I started back on insulin(was
off of insulin for approx 6weeks), and I started gaining weight once
again.......it has been 2 years now, and my wieght has once again gone
upwards, I now weigh 170lbs, it has stabelized here for a couple months now,
I watch my fat intake and well...I definatly could exercise more than I do.
My doctor during the transplant, Dr Ryan, basically contributed my weight
gain/loss/gain to the insulin . For what ever reason, the insulin stores fat
for me at a higher rate than most. Well, thats my excuse and I am stickin
with it hehehe. One other big factor is the metabolisim, he thinks if I did
not have sucha  good metabloisim I would be wayyyyyy heavier than I am.
And that all I have to say about that ;)

I have had the complete opposite thing happening to me.  The moment I
insulin 16 years, I gained and gained, and gained, no matter what I did.  A
total of 70 lbs.  However 1 1/2 after I was diagnosed with Diabetes, I did
develop a Thyroid disease.  So I have been taking synthroid for 15 years.
And I have had 3 children all healthy.  And healthy pregnancies.  I am
dieting now, doing Weight Watchers, it's such a struggle for me to loose any
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