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[IP] Neuropathy and the heart

Hello group,

 I'm currently being screened for a study of mega doses of antioxidants and
neuropathy of the heart. Wednesday I went for the first of 3 different screening
processes and discovered that I do show signs of neuropathy in the heart. I was
shocked but guess I should have figured something like that was possible, but I
have never heard much of anything ever mentioned about this particular

 Has anyone else been diagnosed with this and what are the treatments (if any).
I'm kind of excited about the study, from what the doc said it sounds like it
could be an effective treatment not only for the heart but also for all kinds of
neuropathy. One of the antioxidants is alpha lipoic but there are 2 others that
I can't remember the names of right now. I'd also be interested in hearing or
reading about the use fo antioxidants with regards to diabetes, if anyone has
info on that.

dx's 1/71
pumping since 10/01
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