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RE: [IP] What do you mean-you have a handicap tag for just bein

> For myself, have had diabetes for 14-15 years (one day I'll find out
> the exact year!) have been on the pump for almost 18 months. My last
> A1C was 8.8 not all that great compared to all you folks. It's even
> been past 10 and above, how depressing.

It's not a contest. Diabetes management is never easy and almost any 
form of it interferes with lifestyle. Your A1c is not a measure of 
how "good" a person you are, only a tool to help YOU life a better 
life. Don't compare your results with that of others, it will only 
put you in the position of always trying to keep up with the "Jones".

Trust me, the "jones" could care less. Be your own person and be 

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