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Re: [IP] Questions - Diabetes 101

> I have two questions both about diabetes, not pumps. 
> The first one may make me sound ignorant but I really
> am curious.  
> What makes a person need more insulin than another
> person?  I see on this list that some people need to
> take 1 unit for 12 grams of carb or 15 grams.  Also
> the amount of insulin per day is so different.  I
> realize we are all different but I wonder what makes
> me need 40 units a day and someone else 100 units. 
There are three big components involved.

1) insulin needs are determined per unit of body mass. Typically a 
person that weighs twice as much would need 2x the amount of insulin, 
all things being equal (excluding 2 & 3 below).

2) insulin resistance. If a person (such as a type 2) is resistant, 
this must be factored in.

3) metabolic activity .. a growing child will use far more insulin 
per unit of body mass because of energy consumption to build new 
tissue. A good example that is applicable to adults would be the 
increased insulin requirements during illness. your body needs extra 
energy to combat the illness so you generally see an increase in 
insulin needs manifested by high bg's

There are many other factors that must be considered, but these are 
the biggies.

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