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[IP] New Minimed Sets!

Hi all,

This is good news for Minimed users if you happen to be one. I'm a Minimed 
Paradigm user as of February after using a 507C for about 4 years.

I've been monitoring the release of diabetes related products on the FDA web 
site and have found the recent approval of some new Minimed sets that will be 
out sometime in the future. They appear to be duplicates of the Quick-set and 
Sof-set Ultimate QR models, but with a new connection.

The change to these new sets is described as "does not require specific 
alignment to the site as is currently required".

This would be a good thing to ask about at the next Minimed chat. This 
information is available on a public web site and I have no affiliation with 
the company. Just thought I would let my fellow Minimed users know about it.

These are PDF files so you will need the proper installation to read them.

Here is the Paradigm document:

Here is Luer connection document:

P.S. Thanks to the person using the Tinyurl before. I found it and it's pretty 
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