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Re: [IP] Junk Mail re Diabetes

I doubt that anybody is mining this list. I got the same newsletter from Novo 
-- on a totally different email addy I have that people on this list know 
nothing about. I've received nothing from them on this addy. I believe it's 
quite possible that, months ago, people visited a Novo website and forgot to 
remember that they did so.

Jan and ElvisToo

> >>>I suddenly am receiving unsolicited junk mail
> >>>regarding diabetes on this e-mail address.  I do
> >>NOT
> >>>receive any *other* junk mail at this address.
> >>>
> >>>Is it possible that *someone* on this list has
> >>>harvested names and e-mail addresses????
> >>
> >
> >  Ok,I'm getting it too..I'm just so used to hitting
> >the delete button I hardly noticed!(it didn't bother
> >me much,whats a little more spam..)
> >       Heidi
> I also received an email from novo nordisk as well.  It would be
> intersecting to find out how they are getting our email addresses.
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