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Re: [IP] Questions - Diabetes 101

IMO, Your questions are not making you look dumb.
I do not think there is a "pat" answer for your questions, but a lot of
speculation, alot of possibles.

> What makes a person need more insulin than another
> person?

Activity, stress, diet & digestion, metabolism, Insulin resistance,
absorbtion of blood glucose for starters.

> the amount of insulin per day is so different.  I
> realize we are all different but I wonder what makes
> me need 40 units a day and someone else 100 units.

Insulin/carb ratios are different for me for different times of day and
different foods.
Why do I need 40U one day, 60U+ another day?  Why do I hurt somedays
more than others?

>  personal preference

I think you answered your own question.
I am Type 2 insulin insufficient.  Dxed 1998.
I remember back when they were going to take Cyclamates off the market.
I did try different things containing it and thought boy, am glad I do
not have to use it but it was not bad if I did, there would be something
I could use.
Comes Nutra-sweet (aspartame).  It did not like me anymore than I liked
it and was glad I did not have to use it, I wouldn't! (Pepsi-One has
Aspartame & Asesulfame(sp?) which IMO, sort of neutralizes Aspartame as
I can drink it.)
Sweet n' Low (saccarin), I could handle. It did not bother me, was glad
I did not have to use it.
Come 1998, liquids were mostly water & coffee.  Found brown sugar
flavored Sweet n'Low for use in tea & oatmeal.
Come Splenda, now can have koolaid I make with Splenda, the packaged has
I do not use sweetner in coffee, but do know several who maintain
excellent Bgs who use regular sugar.  Pumping insulin allows you to do
that as you can bolus for it.
IMO, I think the "fake" sugar products are safe in moderation.
I do think your saying "personal preference" is answer to your question.
Linda K

> but I wonder how everyone feels about this.  Before I
> became a diabetic I stayed away from everything with
> aspertaine and other diet products.  Just as a general
> health concern.  Also, I would like to say thanks to everyone.  This
> list has made pumping easier.
> Ginny - Type 1 Diabetes.  Diagnosed at 47 years old
> Pumping since Aug 2002
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