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[IP] Type 1s, weight loss, and the pump

 I've been diabetic for 10 months, pumping for 2....I was wondering if there was
anyone else out there who had experience with a steady weight loss either after
you were diagnosed, or after you started the pump. I've been eating like I'm
supposed to, however I continue to lose weight (I've been to a dietician, spoke
with my endo, and a CDE). I feel like I'm in a catch 22 because if I eat more my
blood sugars go too high but I could maintain my weight, or I could eat how I've
been eating and have great blood sugars but possibly lose more weight. I imagine
next time I see my endo I may have to adjust my insulin doses or insulin:carb
ratio. It's very frustrating talking about this to people because I usually get
the "Well you're just so lucky to be that thin, I wish I was!" or "Gosh if you
lose any more weight you're just going to blow away! Don't you eat?!!?" I eat
like to pig to be honest! :) Anyway, I felt the need to vent, and I was hoping
someone may have gone throug!
 h this before as well. 

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