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[IP] Introduction

Just like to say Hello.. hopefully I'll be able to learn much from
more experienced pumpers. I'm new to pumping, you can kinda
say i'm winging it on my own, recently moved and haven't found
a new endo and my GP is completely clueless. 

I do have a question though. While on injections my fasting was
horrible, no matter what I used, NPH, UL or Lantus, from 8-20u
yes I really played with the scale. Nothing would get me below 200
fbg. Now that i'm pumping i'm running 110-140 fasting. What is more
strange, on injections my bolus was 10:1 i've keep that same ratio trying
to work out my meals, prior I could hit it pretty close, now i'm way out
of wack. such as last night, was 103 pre-dinner had 60gm shot 6u and
at 2hr was 224, at 3hr was 199, 4hr 183. 

Anyone have any suggestions on how to determine a way too adjust 
the bolus?
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