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Re: [IP] about alcohol

I have a question, I love to drink wine, I drink the dry stuff, I don't care 
for sweet wine.   But wether dry or sweet aren't they all sweet with sugar.   
 And when I drink, the first thing to happen is a low, then later on a high 
very high.  So if I understood you correctly, are you suggesting to bolus a 
little before a drink. Oh you also said to eat and bolus.    Okay, help me 
out here.   Because I want to be a safe drinking Diabetic, I'm going on a 
cruise next week, and I would like to have a Bahama Mama, and I always stay 
away from the mixed drinks because I don't know how to account for them.  
Help me, I want to have a Bahama Mama and be bring home the glass.  Okay I'm 
silly, but I'm excited about my trip, I will be celebrating my 15 year 
anniversary.  I thank you advance for any suggestions 
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