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[IP] Questions - Diabetes 101

I have two questions both about diabetes, not pumps. 
The first one may make me sound ignorant but I really
am curious.  
What makes a person need more insulin than another
person?  I see on this list that some people need to
take 1 unit for 12 grams of carb or 15 grams.  Also
the amount of insulin per day is so different.  I
realize we are all different but I wonder what makes
me need 40 units a day and someone else 100 units.  I
know our difference in weight would be a consideration
and also how much we eat. Is it that easy or is it a
matter of the length of time you have had diabetes? 

The second question is a matter of personal preference
but I wonder how everyone feels about this.  Before I
became a diabetic I stayed away from everything with
aspertaine and other diet products.  Just as a general
health concern.  Now that I need to have them I worry
about it.  Do you feel it is better to eat products
without aspertain and bolus extra for it or do you
feel it is better to eat the "diet" products and not
have to give yourself the extra insulin?

Also, I would like to say thanks to everyone.  This
list has made pumping easier.

Ginny - Type 1 Diabetes.  Diagnosed at 47 years old
Pumping since Aug 2002

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