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[IP] about alcohol

I drank more than a few beers while in college. I could never figure why if 
drinking beer/alcohol and thus taking carbs would lower my blood sugar. I 
figured out why, many people dont know or realize this, especially doctors !!!

When making beer or wine carbs are converted into alcohol. The formula for 
wine is Sugar + yeast = alcohol + Co2 What this means and why i got lows was 
because i had too much alcohol which was starting to consume my carbs, 
therefore causing lows. Drinking is a delicate balance between highs and 
lows. Blood sugar will all of a sudden drop when you have a lot to drink !!! 

So here's my advice when drinking alcohol:
    Eat before you drink !!!
    Bolus for carbs- call budweiser or other brands you frequent they put out 
a           nutrient/carb list, carbs and alcohol vary greatly  
    Don't drink alone, have a buddy who knows your situation
    Know your limit and stick to it - being a diabetic and taking care of 
yourself is             hard enough sober, Don't  try to do it drunk
    Don't drink and drive
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