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[IP] HELP! Need kidney info

 Robin wrote: Doc said he spoke with a Nephrologist who said this in NOT UNUSUAL
for an
 active teen Kevin's age, that it should just be repeated. Should I worry? If
so, what does this mean long term? What is the worst case scenario with what you
can see here? Medications Or Dialysis?

Hi Robin,
 I have seen a lot of abnormal 24 hour urine results over the years which have
been normal on repeat. I think it has to be abnormal on 3 consecutive
collections before a diagnosis of early nephropathy is considered. The first
line of defense is a type of medication called an ACE-Inhibitor. I have also
seen reversal with these meds. Does Kevin do a lot of sports activities? There
can be exercise-induced microalbuminuria. It would be pretty unusual to see
diabetic nephropathy in someone with his history of good control and short
duration of diabetes. Let us know how it turns out.
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