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RE: [IP] Keeping Insulin Fresh

Once you open the bottle of insulin, that is, introduce air into it by
inserting the syringe to inject or remove insulin, the insulin is only good
for 28 days.  Same goes for bottle of insulin that are not refrigerated.
This is per my copy of the PDR


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I have been receiving insulin through my insurance's
mail order prescription plan.  It arrives cold (not
frozen) and I promptly place it in the fridge at my
home.  I use it to fill the glass vials that are
required for my DTron+.  I keep the vials in the
fridge as soon as I finish filling them.  I then use
them up one at a time - keeping them in the fridge
until each is needed.

How long should I expect this insulin to stay "fresh"
without going "bad"?  The expiration dates on the
original bottles have NOT been reached, yet I am
beginning to suspect that the insulin is bad (have
gone through three different bottles (diff exp dates)
in the last five days in an attempt to eliminate
recent high bgs.  Some of you would have checked
yourselves into the ER with what I'm dealing with.

I have doubled my insulin dosage in the last two days
and have not seen anything under 200.  (and YES I have
changed sites, sets, tubing, sets, sites, tubing).

And NO my BG doesn't typically go up with an infection
- but I've been cognizant enough to look for one
(don't have one).

I've eliminated everything except the actual insulin
in my fridge and am just about there.

IF you use an Rx mailing plan - what has been your
experience (I don't really care who - they are all
regulated the same way as long as they're in the US)?

How do I REALLY eliminate the insulin without having
to swap out every thing yet again?

And - is it possible for it to work at something like
1/2 potency if it's "almost bad"? (bolusing mass
quantities works to bring it down to 200).  (and I
DON'T have any OTHER bottles except what's in the
fridge so using a syringe has the same effect).

Thanks for any help.

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11.  Pumping since 1985-ish.
Frustrated like you wouldn't believe this morning as
she tries to bring it down from 475.

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