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Re: [IP] Chest Pains (Long)

Cody, I'm replying on list because I want Rita to know I can talk the talk
and walk the walk! <G>

During my first MI (heart attack) the EKG said nothing was wrong.  It wasn't
until I got the blood test to look for a specific protein in my blood that I
then had a confirmed heart attack.

A few years later, I went to see my cardiologist for exactly what you are
talking about.  The cardiologist said that was having reflux disease.  I
asked him why nitroglycerin was working.  His answer was that nitroglycerin
works on reflux disease as well.

A few  weeks later I was having episodes of "reflux disease" thirteen times
a day.  I then went into heart failure and went to the emergency room.

My regular cardiologist was in Alaska hunting Polar Bears with a bow and
arrow (I was rooting for the bear!)

His wife was covering for him and did an angiogram.  I was blocked 100% and
it was only due to collateral circulation that I was still alive.

IMHO you may want to request a thalium treadmill stress test and/or an
angiogram.  A negative EKG is far from the absolute in detecting heart

Best wishes to you.


> Hi,
> Last night was the third trip to the ER for squeezing chest pains in two
> years. One time I was feeling PVC's but the other two times I just thought
> was having a heart attack. Last night about two hours after dinner I got a
> squeezing pain in my chest that made me have to cough. I started to feel
> like I was going to pass out. Then I had a burning pain in my chest.
> At the ER they hooked me up to an EKG and the guy looked at it for a
> and said, "Well, you're not having a heart attack." The doctor, as well as
> myself thought that it might have something to do with my stomach or other
> part of my digestive system because I told her that I only get these
> after either back pain, or feeling like I'm overly full in my intestines
> like one would feel just before deciding that they may be starting to get
> constipated (Although I am not constipated).
> Last week I was putting my shirt on after waking up with terrible back
> and I felt my heart flutter like water was being poured down into my chest
> cavity then I felt a whooshing sound in my head and thought I was going to
> pass out. It only lasted for a second.
> I was told years ago that I probably have gastroparesis, but didn't have
> any tests to confirm it. I have delayed digestion at times depending on
> meal. I bolus for the meal and get extremely high BG's 12 to 16 hours
> If I lean over for a period of time and stand up quickly I get dizzy
> I think is also an indicator of autonomic neuropathy). I am taking 5mg
> Lisinopril once daily for slightly elevated BP, but had the dizziness
> the therapy.
> The doctor at the ER said that the reason I felt like I was going to pass
> out was because I had a vasovagal episode due to an activation of my
> parasympathetic system, but she didn't go into detail because three
> ambulances had arrived. I asked her if the episode that brought me to the
> had anything to do with my heart and she said no. She prescribed 20mg of
> Pepcid once daily after giving me a cocktail of Maalox, Lidocaine, and a
> to stop stomach spasms which provided a great relief to me.
> I have had a full feeling in my stomach all day accompanied with slight
> chest pains and upper back pain in the cervical spine area. When I am
> feeling like this I get these episodes. I need to know what is going on so
> am asking advice from others who have had these symptoms. Even though my
> stress test in November of 2002 showed I am okay, and my EKG last night
> no heart attack I have felt all day like I am having a heart attack.
> Please feel free to contact me privately at email @ redacted or on
> the IP list. Thank you all so much for being there.
> Scared Out Of My Wits,
> Cody S. Alderson
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