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re:[IP] expensivemeds

(I may have come in on the tail end of a topic about getting insulin 
inMexicobut I never read if you can buy diabetic supplies there.  Today is 
the lastday of health insurance coverage for us - indefinately!  My husband 
isself-employed and we have been on Cobra insurance for the last 18 months.  
Iwent to pick up my prescriptions at the pharmacy yesterday and asked 
themwhatthe cash price of Humalog and One Touch Ultra Strips were.  She said 
theHumalog would cost $117 (2 bottles) and the One Touch Ultra Strips 
wereabout$80 (100 strips).  That's already almost $200 and that's really not 
evenenough strips.  Also that doesn't include insulin pump supplies.  My 
husbandhad a heart attact 3 years ago and is also on expensive meds (he's 
only 39years old).  I don't know what we're going to do.  We live in Texas 
andcoulddrive to Mexico once or twice a year to stock up if they sell the 
meds weneed.  Could someone please help!Sharon)

 Dear Sharon,
      Lilly has a program to help people that do not have insurance called 
Lilly Cares and if you qualify they will give you enough insulin for 3 months 
at a time. Ask your doctor about the program. He should have the forms. If 
not the # is 1-800-545-6962.
the doctor will have to call. Most drug companies have programs to help you 
just have to find the right people to ask. Hope this helps.
Paul Estep
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