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[IP] waterproof cases, email signatures, and stuff =)

so the disetronic people have sent me the scare-mail about the h-tron not necessarily being waterproof anymore. this was something of a disappointment to me, as that was one of the factors that made me choose it over the minimed. don't get me wrong, i love it and i'll never give it up. but i'm going to the beach in two weeks, for the first time since i got the pump. i usually just disconnect when i am taking a shower, but if i'm going to be playing in the water all day i'd rather keep it on. does disetronic make some sort of waterproof case for the h-tron? or has anyone just disregarded all this, tightened the batteries, and used the red tappet thing in the water anyway? i assume this would void my warranty, so i'd like to not go there unless i'm absolutely sure the pump's not going to die on me. the report i got from disetronic said that "a few" pumps had developed problems after going in the water, but what does "a few" mean? and with these "few" it looked like the problem!
 was water seeping through cracks in the case. i have a protective belt clip for my pump, though and i've never dropped it or banged it. i looked at it closely and i don't see any cracks. i'm not sure what to do!

on another subject, y'all's email signstures just crack me up. jeanne, the version i heard of yours was "friends help you move; real friends help you move dead bodies." and lyndy, i'm glad to know i'm not the only person to have named my pump!! disetronic sends you two, so i named them vladimir and leopold. i really don't know why, they just looked kind of eastern bloc-y to me. i name everything i own, though, so maybe i am weird after all =)

becky and vlad and leo (and julio the car, omar the computer, etc, etc =))

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