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[IP] lancet changes

To All,
The reason I am so perplexed about those of you who brag about not changing
lancets more often or refuse to use betadine or alcohol comes from my own
experience as a "medical type". I came from a family of medical individuals.
My father and 3 brothers were physicians, my mother was a nurse, my wife is a
nurse and a CDE, I taught human anatomy and physiology to nursing students for
31 years, and I have an extended background in biology and chemistry.  Besides
all that I did research on diabetes for my Master's Degree and then further
diabetes research after that for 3 years.  Personally, I have been a type 1
diabetic for 52 1/2 years.  Don't you think with my background that I have a
little sensitivity about helping out others who have not had diabetes quite as
long as me, or have not had my same educational or family background?  If it
sounds like I'm chewing you out for not taking better care of yourself than
I'm sorry for you.  Unfortunately, if there's anything I learned in all my
years of teaching it was that "nothing good that you do for someone ever goes
unpunished (or in this case, criticized).  Pat Flynn
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