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Re: [IP] Raiding fridge in my sleep (Very Odd)

> Have any of you had the problem of eating in your sleep? eating ice cream I thought that having the pump would stop these but it still happens

I could have writen this! I think it gets to be habit too.
If awake, I tested. It was like catching the low before it got too bad.  Then bolus & eat IC anyway!
I would wake standing at kitchen counter chewing rock hard icecream.  (for sweats)  The cold can crack teeth if you drink something warm too soon after.   Sometimes came out in morning & find small gobs of icecream on floor, peanut butter jar on counter too.  (Ate protein with the carb)
I was on Orals, did this, Insulin did this.
I would be ok if I ate a bowl, 1-2 cups ice-cream before midnight and would wake 140-200, no insulin taken.  If I ate IC after midnight, would be in 200's by morning. Even when I went to bed around 160!   At least I could sleep the rest of the night!
I have a loaner pump and am getting bg pattern for adjustments,  but, have been sleeping thru night .  Pump set .9 round the clock.
My Bgs would start dropping 11:30pm-2am, peak low time being 1:30am, when I would awaken eating--if I had baked homemade cookies, alot would be missing in morning, less milk too.
Start checking Bgs when you become guiltily coherent, or any time you have to get up during night.  Brush teeth after.  It is a pain, but at least you learn and can do something about it.  On shots, I suffered during day & night when Lantus was reduced.  I rather eat ice cream.
Check ice-cream stash for how much you have before bed., then that you may remember & be able to estimate how much gone when you wake up eating it.
Making IC a little harder to find in freezer may help you wake faster so you can test before eating.
Linda K
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