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[IP] Re-Silhouette sil-serter

I have found a couple of tricks with the sil serter. Not saying these are
going to work for you but worth a mention. When I am doing a sight change I
do the following. Let's say it is going to be on my left hand side. My Left
is the important part. I will reach across my body with my right hand with
the sil serter, inserting toward my naval. This has helped with achieving
the angle that is needed to avoid inserting to deep and to shallow. If you
were to use your left hand while inserting on this side, it is very awkward
and seems to cramp me up. If I insert on my left hand side with toward the
kidney I will use my left hand. This method works well with my right hand
side as well. The way I discovered how to do this was by shooting blanks
with the sil serter using both hands until I developed this method. The
manual shows to use the same hand of the side that you are inserting in, in
other words if you are inserting in your right abdomen toward your naval,
use your right hand. I do just the opposite, I use my left hand. Try
shooting blanks, and find what hand on each side is most comfortable for
you. Just my thoughts. Oh ya, one more thing, the rhino tusks that are on
the sil serter were sticking to my abdomen from the IV prep after injecting.
I use a alcohol swab on these just prior to inserting and this has helped
with getting the sil serter of my abdomen with out to much effort after

Mike Chambers
Lebanon, Maine
Paradigm Pumper
>Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 09:23:47 -0400
>From: <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Silhouette sil-serter
>Sharon B wrote, re sil serter:
>> Both times, the set looked like it went in too
>>deep as evidenced by sitting up high like a >grounded ship. When I was
able to take the set >out, I noticed the end was a little crimped... I
>really don't think I was getting the angle right!
>I have the same problem w/ the sil serter.  I just
>can't get a shallow enough angle.  When I aim for
>15-20 degrees, the needle skims over my skin 
>instead of going in.  Plus the trigger button is
>in a lousy location.  That said, I only went back
>to sils because of the serter.  Inserting manually
>was just too painful.  
>Has anyone figured out how to get a shallow angle
>with the sil serter?  I've tried pinching up the 
>skin so it looks like the needle will go in almost
>parallel, but it doesn't usually work.
Sue and Mike Chambers
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