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[IP] Set and tape allergies

When I was using the SofSets, I found that I was allergic to EVERYTHING
about them -- the IV3000, the adhesive on the wings, and even the plastic
button. Putting down Tegaderm instead didn't help, either -- I'm allergic to
that too.

I tried using skin barrier wipes, but they were messy and didn't work all
that well either.

Then I started using Sils -- needle is longer and goes in at an angle, but
the adhesive is different and doesn't bother me. However, there is a little
hole where the cannula goes through the plastic window, and I found that I
invariably get infections there.

So I hit on the process of covering the tape, the plastic window and lower
half of the button with Tegaderm -- trimming it off to the same size as the
tape so it doesn't touch my skin, and voila! good sets, no infections and no
skin problems.

I have to admit I was REALLY frustrated for a while there -- afraid I wasn't
going to be able to pump -- and I'm really relieved I found a solution!


Natalie ._c-
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