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Re: [IP] lancet chages

My doctor's office does not wipe off my finger with anything before 
testing, they just have me wash my hands.  My doctor told me that alcohol 
toughens the skin and that I should not use it and to wash the area 
(finger, injection area or infusion site) with soap and water.

Tnx, Corky

At 05:38 PM 5/31/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Corky,
>Have you ever noticed that the nurse at your doctor's office always wipes 
>off your finger with alcohol or betadine before she checks your blood 
>sugar?  Do you know why she "wastes" the betadine on you?  Do you suppose 
>that maybe she took a course in microbiology when she was in Nursing 
>School, and learned that any bacteria on your skin could enter the wound 
>she was about to give you with a lancet and cause an infection....  Do you 
>think if your surgeon had to cut through your skin to remove your appendix 
>that he wouldn't have the area of your waist completely swabbed down with 
>betadine before he started?  You are really looking for trouble big time 
>when you flaunt your success of not getting an infection.   When I bought 
>my first car in 1950, it didn't have seat belts.  Now, I won't drive a car 
>unless it has air bags.  Would you want to drive a car without air bags, 
>much less seat belts, today?  Think about it.  Pat
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