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[IP] Flap irr. Sof-sets

On 5/31/02 1:16 PM, "insulin-pumpers-digest" <email @ redacted>

>> For those of you that sandwich your MM sofsets between layers of tape:  do
>> you insert the canula and inserter needle directly through the tape or do
>> you cut a hole in it first?  I've developed an irritation to the flaps --
>> they itch like crazy constantly, and when I take them out I have welts in
>> the shape of flaps that are visible for a weeks.  Thanks!
>> Sara
> When I was using sofsets I inserted directly thru the IV3000.  I never had
> any problems doing it that way.
> Sharon

I still just plow through the IV 3K with any of the sets...UF, Tenders, Sils
and QS. All of them. The 'stickum' causes itching if I don't. No punching
out a hole or anything, I lay the IV 3K down and 'Just Do It!' (Nods to

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Jenny Sutherland
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