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RE: [IP] lancet chages

I switch my lancets about three times a year.
I lick my fingers after every blood test.
When on MDI I reused syringes for weeks at a time (however the new syringes
don't seem as robust as they used to be).

After 22 years I also have had no side effects from doing this.  My doctor
actually mentioned to me that I could reuse both syringes and lancets.
Although I think he was thinking for a day or two. :-)  He also encouraged
me to STOP using alcohol because of the side effects repeated use would have
on the skin.  This was back in the mid 1980s.  Not to mention that when I go
to the doctors office they have never had me test my blood sugar in front of
them, or tested it for me.  However, I have tested while at the office
because of timing or if I was feeling off and they never commented on my
technique and it is a Joslin Affiliate.  

However, I think it is important for each person to do what they are
comfortable with.  If you don't feel comfortable doing the above and
aforementioned things that is fine, but don't chew us out for doing
something that has worked for us.  I also prefer to be throwing out a lot
less plastic from reuse.

-- Sherry
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