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Re: [IP] expensivemeds

In a message dated 5/31/02 5:19:04 PM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

> Today is the last
> day of health insurance coverage for us - indefinately!  

I know how scary this can be.  I just went through it myself a few months 
ago.  My husband changed jobs (definitely not my idea) and we were without 
health insurance for 3 months.  At least I knew I'd have insurance when the 3 
months were up so your situation is a little different.  But I'll tell you 
what I did to get supplies and maybe some of that can help you.  First, I 
wrote to Lilly and asked them if they could "donate" some Humalog.  They 
wouldn't do that but told me that they had a program for people who are 
having financial hardship.  They told me to ask my endo about it as they 
should have the necessary forms to fill out.  I ended up not needing the 
forms because my endo and CDE supplied me with enough insulin to get through 
that time.  As for strips, I again wrote Roche (Accuchek) asking for help and 
they sent me a 2 month supply of strips.  My CDE gave me her samples of 
EVERYTHING......infusion sets, reservoirs, IV prep wipes,and syringes if it 
came to injecting again (thank goodness it didn't).  Also, at that time, 
there were a few people here who were offering  various supplies just for the 
asking.  I was actually lucky enough to get infusion sets from a couple of 
people that way...thanks leigh ann and michael.  So, don't despair, you'll 
get through it.  Sometimes we have to be creative but with the help of 
outside sources it can be done.  Good luck to you.
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