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Re: [IP] Animas R1000

In a message dated 5/31/02 email @ redacted writes:

<< Can't anyone find anything negative to say about Animas? I've been looking
for a negative for 5 months and since my daughter starts pumping insulin
through a R1000 on Monday, I am glad to say I have yet to find one >>

LOL  When I got my Animas a couple months ago, I posted something about 
having trouble seeing the screen and being suprised that no one had mentioned 
the motor noise, and I immediately got a call from the service rep.  

But now what I know what the screen says <gr.>, I am reading it much better.  
The numbers are plenty large enough.  And they sent me a slightly less noisy 
pump (I can still hear the motor in a quiet room when I have the pump in my 
pocket, but I seldom notice it anymore).  I do find that I still occasionally 
forget to press "Go" for a bolus, so have left it with a bolus beep, which is 
a little disappointing because I was looking forward to being able to bolus 
without others hearing, but that need comes up only rarely and, anyway, I 
might eventually get better about remembering that last step <gr.>.  Bolusing 
takes more steps than it did with my MM507c.  My obsessive-compulsive 
approach to diabetes management is somewhat challenged by the TDD being 
rounded off, the primes being included in it (the 507c had a separate "prime" 
button), and the inability to know just EXACTLY how much I missed during my 
shower, but I recognize that that precision was not meaningful in the way the 
0.05 increment is for me.  (And I can always stay disconnected after my 
shower till a time when I have used exactly 0.1 or a multiple of it<gr.>).

And these last couple perimenopausal months have been much easier with the 4 
basal programs.  When I need to change my basal rates (often by approximately 
doubling or halving, but having a bigger change in the early morning hours), 
I am always doing it because I have either been running low or high, and 
those are times when I am just not at my best for that kind of task.  Having 
the 24 hour program already in the pump, and just having to change programs, 
has been a HUGE help.  As has the % temp basal.

But I do miss being able to do an 8 hour extended bolus (I can do 4 hour)-- 
some stomachs are slower than others.  I can more-or-less duplicate it with a 
temp basal, but sometimes not exactly <gr.>. 

I love the Animas, and I loved the Minimed <gr.>.

Linda Z
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