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[IP] Re: Mexico Meds

From: "Sharon Andrews"
>>> I went to pick up my prescriptions at the pharmacy yesterday and asked
them what
the cash price of Humalog and One Touch Ultra Strips were.  She said the
Humalog would cost $117 (2 bottles) and the One Touch Ultra Strips were
about $80 (100 strips).  That's already almost $200 and that's really not
even enough strips.  >>>

I can't help you as far as out of the country or another ins. co., but I do
encourage you in the meantime to check other pharmacies' prices. It's
amazing the diff. they can have. I checked our Kroger Pharm for 100 0.15
Levothyroxin (out of pocket) - $45.69. Decided to call Osco - $20.xx. I
figured that was such a savings I didn't need to call any other pharm.
Called KMart - $6.99.  This was much cheaper than the co-pay through ins.
for 90 days. Also, other Rx's can vary in price so keep checking.

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