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Re: [IP] rafting with a pump

> I know this topic has been discussed before, but I have some
> questions... I am going white water rafting on an all day "high
> adventure" trip in 2 weeks.  I've been rafting many times before,
> but this trip is longer and more advanced than we've done before. 
> They say the more difficult it is, the higher chance ther is you
> will fall out.  There is also a point where you can jump out and
> swim through a small rapid, but I have done this before and have no
> desire to do it again.  Other times I have disconnected my pump and
> just done shots of humalog to cover me.  But this time it is an all
> day trip including lunch.  Whenever I am on shots for more than a
> couple hours I start to feel icky (even if my sugars are not really
> high).  So, is it possible/a good idea to keep my pump on?  Other
> than a couple ziplock baggies, is there any way to keep it
> waterproof?  I have a mm508, so it is only water resistant.  I know
> I will get soaked even staing in the boat the whole time.  Also, if
> I were to fall in and it stopped working...that's not covered by the
> warranty is it?  And I doubt my insurance would buy me another in
> that case.  Any tips would be welcome.  Thanks!
> Julie

Hi Julie,

I don't think the problem is really jumping out, or even swiming with 
the pump. Having done this myself and with Lily as well as sitting 
for hours watching the fun as other rafters went over a class 5 
rapid, I can only say that "lots of stuff get's lost" when the rafts 
dump and everyone and their stuff goes into fast moving water. We've 
even pulled a few people out that got klonked on the head by the 
rocks and heavy gear. Lily just shoots some regular into her 
infusion disconnect port to cover her basals -- this works fine for 
4-5 hours at a time and she reconnects to bolus for food or snacks. 
Get one of those sealable floating (orange) containers to store your 
pump (and glucose) in so it's available for bolus, etc... but if it 
were me, I would not wear it for fear of damage or loss. Seing the 
bruises on some of those folks that got dumped is not encouraging. 
Granted it does not happen often and I (like you) think it's worth 
the risk, but you wouldn't want the pump between you and a rock -- it 
probably would not survive.

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