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Re: [IP] Lancet changes

On 5/31/02 10:00 AM, "Jayne Drowns" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>>> Do you really think it's worth
>>> cheaping out on a single lancet, which by the way has to cost about 0.1
>>> cents each, for the sake of not using a second lancet?
>> I agree it is not much money but your numbers are wrong (by a large
>> factor).
>> Lancets appear to cost between 3.5 to 12.0 cents apiece depending on brand,
>> quantity and source.
> It's not about the money.  For me they cost nothing.  I buy 300 test strips
> every month and with my test strip copay, I get 300 free lancets. I have
> never had an infection.  I'm not worried about infection.  And my lancets
> never hurt.  So, I figure, it's working fine for me not to ever change it.
> Why add one more task to my routine.  I am surprised that there aren't any
> others here who change as infrequently.  I suppose when you guys did MDI,
> you actually used the alcohol swab, too.  :)
> Jayne.

Nope, gave up alcohol swabs in the 70's when my Doc said "just wash well,
it's more effective."

BTW, it is just a little over a month before I send out the Semi-Annual
"Change Your Lancet" announcement on July 4th.  Of course you can disregard
that one and just wait till the next announcement at the end of Daylight
Savings, or the one we always use to welcome the New Year.     ;>)

"Keeper of the Lancet Change Calendar"
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