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Re: [IP] Lancet changes

> > Do you really think it's worth
> > cheaping out on a single lancet, which by the way has to cost about 0.1
> > cents each, for the sake of not using a second lancet?
>I agree it is not much money but your numbers are wrong (by a large 
>Lancets appear to cost between 3.5 to 12.0 cents apiece depending on brand,
>quantity and source.

It's not about the money.  For me they cost nothing.  I buy 300 test strips 
every month and with my test strip copay, I get 300 free lancets. I have 
never had an infection.  I'm not worried about infection.  And my lancets 
never hurt.  So, I figure, it's working fine for me not to ever change it.  
Why add one more task to my routine.  I am surprised that there aren't any 
others here who change as infrequently.  I suppose when you guys did MDI, 
you actually used the alcohol swab, too.  :)


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