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Re: [IP] Skpping Meals (was humalog)

It didn't sound like you Sam. Should I tie my shoe string around my right or left tooth?
Little Eddie
----- Original Message -----
From: Sam <email @ redacted>
Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 16:41:09 -0700
To: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] Skpping Meals (was humalog)

> At 03:09 PM 5/30/2002 William Eddie Hollyfield wrote:
>  >Sorry Sam,
>  >You know what you did wrong:(1) not allowing for extra driving-1 bread/hr
>  >driving, (2) not allowing for carry over of exercise effects for 6-12 hrs.
>  >My CDE has a neat technique for testing Basal rate which is to skip a meal
>  >and make sure BS is OK. This is done for all meals, one at a time. Come,
>  >Sam, You know this stuff.
>  >Eddie
> That wasn't me... I believe that it was email @ redacted who wrote the 
> original message. I just replied to it.
> Sam
>  >> At 08:46 AM 5/28/2002 email @ redacted wrote:
>  >>  >"I hate to blow your theory that skipping meals is okay just because 
> we're
>  >>  >on the pump.  I drove alone from Maryland to Florida.  Since I was 
> somewhat
>  >>  >in a hurry, I skipped my supper.  I reached a motel in South Carolina and
>  >>  >hit the sack.
>  >> <snip>
>  >>  >That was the all time worst
>  >>  >insulin reaction I ever had, and I must admit that I probably have 
> had over
>  >>  >1000 reactions in my 52 yr diabetes history!!  I suspect that my blood
>  >sugar
>  >>  >level was below zero that night!!
>  >>
>  >> In theory, if your basals were set correctly, you normally shouldn't have
>  >> dropped so low... but unfortunately everyone is different. I know that 
> some
>  >> people (including myself) cannot rely on a constant basal rate from day to
>  >> day. Every day is different. Probably your basals were set too high for 
> the
>  >> activity level that you had for that day. (I assume that you tested a few
>  >> times before bedtime, and that you were normal at that time). Most of the
>  >> newer pumps allow you to have multiple profiles to compensate for 
> different
>  >> basal needs in different situations. I suspect that carrying in all of the
>  >> luggage, etc. was probably what did it.
>  >>
>  >> I do not think that it is possible for your BG's to go below zero. I
>  >> believe that at zero you'd be dead (or close to it)... some of the medical
>  >> professionals may want to chime in here. It was obviously pretty low,
>  >> though... just not literally below zero.
>  >>
>  >> Sam

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