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[IP] Re: Humalog vs. Novolog

I had been using Humalog since getting the pump in 8/99 and switched a
few months ago to Novolog b/c that was my insurance's brand they would
pay for at a LOW co-pay ($5/month compared to $40/month for Humalog). 
Anyway, at first I was apprehensive, but my body adjusted after approx.
36 hours. Now I am using less insulin, I am assuming, in part to the tail
that kicks in 2 hours AFTER a bolus.  My basals went down a little.  It
has worked well for me - my advice is to talk to your Endo., have her/him
give you a sample bottle to try it and for a few days check bg's
constantly to see if it works for you.  YMMV.  From your post you stated
you have high post-prandial readings.  If I were in your shoes, I would
give Novolog a try only after you have your doctors approval - that
"tail" that "peaks" after 2 hours might take care of those higher
readings after meals.  When I was pregnant, my Perinatologist told me
that your reading! s 1-2 hours after meals are the most important
readings.  That totally surprised me, I was taught that your fasting bg
was the most important.  Still think it is important, but now I focus on
post-prandials as well.

Jenie, 31 yo, dx'd 7/93, pumping since 8/99


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