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[IP] Humalog vs. Novolog

Date: Thu, 30 May 2002 21:52:47 -0400
From: Maeve Kelly <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Humalog vs. Novolog

Has anyone noticed any better after meal blood sugar control with
novolog vs Humalog?  I have always used Humalog insulin.  My A1c's are ~
6.2, but my blood sugars are 200-240 11/2- 2 hours pc.  4-5  hours later
they're normal!  So if I correct for the high I go low later.  My basals
for most of the day is .1 units.  My Dr. says not to worry about the
highs since my A1C'a are good, but I do.  I just read in a diabetes
magazine that people find that novolog works better for this problem,
but they were using injections not pumps.

Any input would be appreciated.

Maeve kelly, pumping 5 years


Post-meal blood sugars are very critical.  Rule of thumb is that
checking your blood sugar ~ 2 hours after eating and you have a reading
of 180 mg/dl or more you need to improve your mealtime dosage. This
information taken from a brochure I just received this week from Lilly.
Brochure called:  "Are YOU in Control?".  Yes, your A1c is great, but
you can't loose sight of the overall picture.  Post-beal spikes to the
range you mentioned on a consistent basis are not good.

As for Novolog . My endo put me on it ~ 4 months ago and I love it.  Has
stopped virtually all of the sharp spikes or drops that I was
experiencing with Humalog.  Seems like a much better product.  Not that
Humalog is bad, I'm just more comfortable with Novolog and pleased with
it's performance.

Diagnosed Type I - 1966
Pumping - 10 years + (used original AutoSyringe pump for several years
back in pre-historic times)


Nolan E. Kienitz, PMP
Spring, TX 77379
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