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Re: [IP] Animas R1000 (my negative)

>Can't anyone find anything negative to say about Animas? I've been looking for a negative for 5 months and <snip> I am glad to say I have yet to find one. 
   Nothing is perfect in this world, including the R1000.  I've
been using mine for a couple months now and I have noticed two
annoying negatives.

   The first is the audio bolus feature.  For those not familiar
with how the Animus audio bolus works, it's basically:

   - push the audio button to start, and get a two beep confirmation

   - push the audio button to select the amount of insulin you want
     to bolus (selectable for 0.5 or 1.0 increments, with different
     beeps for each)

   - wait for the pump to beep back the amount you told it to bolus
     (basically, count the beeps)

   - wait for the two beeps indicating it's ready to bolus and then
     press one last time to start the bolus.  If you don't press,
     it doesn't bolus.

   My problem with this is the last step.  I have found (two hours
later) that I didn't press hard enough to start the audio bolus,
but you have no way of knowing that without looking at the pump.
If you start the bolus, you get no more beeps.  If you don't start
the bolus, you get no more beeps.

   For crying out loud, it's an audio bolus.  There should be some
way of determining which has happened.  If it's quiet I've learned
to listen for the motor kicking in, but it it's noisy I've learned
to check the history when I get the chance, which is annoying.

   My second negative is a personal pet peeve.  If an alarm goes
off that starts during a bolus (cartridge empty, batteries low)
it will go off repeatedly and force you to confirm it every time.
I get the idea the first time, but I've taken a big bolus (and run
out of insulin) and had to confirm the same message two dozen
times (when I can better figure out when I'll run out of insulin
this won't be a problem, but it stinks when you're sitting in 
Chick-Fil-A beeping like a time bomb and it won't shut up).

   Don't get me wrong, I love this pump, but the audio bolus
design in particular needs some work.

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