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RE: [IP] Animas R1000

Andy wrote:

I am wondering if anyone here uses the Animas R1000?  I am currently on a MM
508 and have the opportunity to get another pump and am wondering of any
experiences with the R1000, both good and bad.
I've been using an Animas pump for a little over a year. I used a Disetronic
H-Tron for almost 5 years before that. I am pretty sensitive to insulin and
the Animas allows me to have more precise control with its .05 basal
increments. Animas customer support has been fantastic. The only problems
I've had were occlusion alarms that were eventually attributed to a problem
with the cartridges. They have gone through a few cartridge design changes
and now this problem seems to be gone. Before the cartidge problem was
recognized they very willingly replaced my pump (twice) in an effort to
solve the problem.

I miss the glass cartridges I used with my H-Tron, but that's it. My other
reasons for choosing the Animas pump were the extended bolus feature which
the H-Tron didn't have and the ability to program temp basals using a
percentage +/- instead of a set amount like MM.

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