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Re: [IP] Re: What are your basal/bolus percentages?

> > When I'm low carbing my basal is 65% of my TDD, if I eat a lot of carbs 
>it can
> > be only 40% of my TDD.  (Of course the basal is always the same, the 
> > vary.)
> >
>I also eat low-carb (it's the only reliable way I've found to minimize
>post-meal spikes).  So depending on the day, my basal is usually at
>least 65-70% of my TDD (and sometimes more).  I agree that it's a YMMV
>thing -- books and other sources can give us guidelines, but our bg
>readings are the real test of what works.

I always eat relatively low carb, probably around 70 grams per day on a big 
day, but I have been eating very few carbs the last few days because I'm 
moving across the country friday and just don't have time to worry about 
food, so I made myself a bunch of hamburgers and threw them in the fridge 
and have eaten almost nothing else.  Anyway, I feel really great, lots of 
energy and all that, and my b/g has been absolutely perfect, hardly budging 
at all.  Makes me feel like not going back to my normal way of eating, but I 
don't know how long I can stand nothing but hamburgers...


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