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Re: [IP] Lancet changes

Billie Sue,
The lancets are meant to be used just once, not once a day, not once a week,
not once a month and certainly not once a year!!  Did you folks ever hear
about "the germ theory of disease"?  An old lancet can't help but get
infected with bacteria.  It's your poor immune system which has to get rid
of any infectious material that gets into your system.  Eventually your
liver and kidneys will get involved, too.  Do you really think it's worth
cheaping out on a single lancet, which by the way has to cost about 0.1
cents each, for the sake of not using a second lancet?   This is actually
similar to what someone said earlier regarding licking their blood after
sticking themselves -- "Why shouldn't I lick my own blood, it's mine after
all".  I wondered if they ever saw the movie, "Catch 22", about the
tongue-in-cheek medical practices in Korea.  In that film, a wounded soldier
received an IV infusion into his veins, but the catheter used for the
infusion came directly from his own bladder.  So all this idea about licking
your own blood and using dirty lancets over and over makes me think of Catch
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