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Re: [IP] ABC news (islet transplant)

I did not see the ABC special but did receive an article from 
Insulin-FreeTIMES titled Insulin Transplants in 2010.The link is below. 
I found it and other recent related articles very interesting. 



email @ redacted wrote:

>In a message dated 5/30/02 email @ redacted writes:
><< We were told by another recipient that it takes a minimum of 2-3 
>organs to harvest enough cells for one transplant.  And also in the article 
>they showed a technician checking her BGs shortly after the procedure (she 
>was awake for the whole thing and the cells were being transplanted via an 
>IV???) >>
>Sylvia, some centers are getting better at isolating more cells -- I know of 
>one person at NIH who only needed one transplant, and I believe other centers 
>have also had them.  And the cells are transplanted through a needle into the 
>portal vein, and you theoretically are awake, according to my copy of the 
>protocol (though based on my hand surguries where the surgeon insisted I was 
>awake and talking with him, but I remembered none of it afterwards, I don't 
>know how meaningful that "awakeness" is <gr.>).  The recipient would 
>certainly be wearing an IV during all this, for IV insulin and for the 
>intravenous immunosuppressive drug, among other things.
>I didn't see the ABC report, but these things do often get a little skewed 
>when they are being simplified for a very short report.
>Linda Z
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