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[IP] Sex and the Pump

When I first got my pump I was managing a restaurant and the 
nurse actually came to the restaurant to train me. I was being
my usual self and said "what do I do with this thing when I'm 
having sex" thinking I was being cute. She didn't miss a beat
and replied "just put it on her back" Bahhahaa I really like 
nurses they usually have a great sense of humor;)

I was single then and never had a problem. I use the longest
tubes I can find and just throw the pump out of the way. I usually
only get my insertion set pulled out when I walk by a door knob and
it catches the tubing - only had it yanked out once while having sex.

I'm married now and I don't think either of us even think about it....
the pump I mean:)
McRae Hutchinson
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