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[IP] IP] Re: Humalog and prescriptions

>>>>My doctor always gives me 99 refills, but the pharmacy last year
instituted a 'one-year' policy on refills.  Even if you are currently
refilling, they still stop at the one year mark and call the physician to
see if the 'drug'
is current for you.  That makes sense on plenty of drugs, but I don't think
my need for insulin is EVER going to expire (unless there is a cure). Barb>>

>>Wow!  I'd keep that doctor and change pharmacies! Jayne.>>

I believe the doctor is allowing for as many refills as possible, but the
law has changed as far as length of time. I have used several pharmacies in
the last XX years and they all have one-year limit. When our dtr was born
('61) we had double ins. coverage - my hugsband's and mine. Sometime after
that it became illegal to do that to protect the ins. companies or
something. New laws come on the books all the time. (~_^)

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