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Re:Re: [IP] 508 alarm (again)

Annie Wall <HYPERLINK "mailto:email @ redacted"email @ redacted>

Don't get too discouraged.  Perhaps your problem is not a typical one
and that's why people haven't responded.  I haven't had one iota of a
problem with any MiniMed pump I've owned, including my 508, so I don't
have any particular words of advice.  If the new supplies don't work and
it's your pump that's malfunctioning, get a loaner and try it out.  I
don't think it truly matters if it's new or not, as long as it works.
And keep talking to the MM reps.  Do you have a doctor who can help you
out with your problem? I've been having TONS of problems recently and am
currently off the pump,
trying to figure out what's going on.  It's looking like the problem is
probably not the pump itself but, rather, the infusion sites or the
insulin itself (I just looked at Katrina L's post and her trials and
tribulations appear to be very similar to mine).  My doctor has asked MM
to come and figure it out.  He said, if MM wants me to be their
customer, then it's up
to them to get things working for me!  Keep striving, Heather, and let
us know what happens next.

The replacements didn't work, so MM is sending me a loaner and will test
and refurbish my pump.  I know it's silly, but I don't want to keep
someone else's "fixed" pump, so I opted to have mine sent back.  


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