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Re: [IP] ABC news

I actually saw that story.  Not once did they even refer to the cells as 
Islet Cells.  And they tried to make you believe that the lady who got the 
'cells' got only cells from ONE donor organ ("a woman who had died earlier 
that week")  We were told by another recipient that it takes a minimum of 2-3 
organs to harvest enough cells for one transplant.  And also in the article 
they showed a technician checking her BGs shortly after the procedure (she 
was awake for the whole thing and the cells were being transplanted via an 
IV???) anyway they showed her BGs as 'leveling off at 56"  Excuse me she is 
having a HYPO folks get her some juice!!!!  Also they referred to the 
procedure as a 'cure'

Oh yea, they showed the dozen or so bottles of pills she has to take now 
everyday (anti-rejection) and then she made the comment about being able to 
finally live a real life now!  My comment that I made outloud was yea but 
don't get around anyone with even the slightest sniffles.....That's 

I for one was very dis appointed!

mom to Joshua
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