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[IP] Brain Cells, Invisible Insulin, Like Mom

I have seen some hearsay, but no actual proof that the reactions kill 
cells.  Even that article I posted really didn't have any scientific 
proof.  I wonder if anyone has done a brain scan of someone before they had 
diabetes and after at various times?  That would be at least some proof.
Concerning the vanishing insulin.  I have the same problem with bagels and 
pop tarts.  They both require about twice the normal amount I usually 
take.  I try to avoid them because of that, but when I do eat them, I am 
extra careful about checking.
Jayne, sorry I sounded so uptight.  I am not good at writing things, I say 
them better.  You did see some things I don't actually say but do feel, one 
of which is that my SO seems to concentrate more on the negative side of 
things, and that his mom is very unconcerned when it comes to her 
diabetes.  He is working on his negativity (or, as he likes to call it, his 
realism), and I'm not marrying his mom :)  Everything else about him is 
terrific, or I wouldn't be with him.
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