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Re: [IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V6 #360

When you give increasing amounts of insulin to yourself, it does not pool
anywhere.  It actually gets taken up by lymphatic capillaries.  These are
vein-like vessels with larger openings than blood capillaries.  Accordingly,
they can take up the large insulin molecule.  Once in the lymphatics, they
are eventually dumped into a large vein in your neck to get into your blood.
But the story about why insulin doesn't seem to affect a substantial change
to lower your blood sugar is like the story of soldiers in a war.  If the
opposing forces have more bad guys(high blood glucose) than you have
soldiers(insulin), than you won't see a big change in your BG level.  And it
follows that as soon as you get more soldiers(insulin) that they can beat
off the bad guys(high blood glucose levels).  As a college teacher, this is
the way I used to explain concepts to my anatomy and physiology students who
were studying to be nurses.  I hope that helps.  Pat
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