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RE: [IP] Lancet changes


The new lancing device from Accu-chek is the greatest.  The rep said that
the other devices, even though they are sharp, they use the same action as a
bullet propelled from a gun, which is a spiral trajectory.  This means that
the needle spins around as it enters and exits you skin, which can cause
ripping and/or tearing.  The new Accu-chek device does not spiral, but goes
straight in and out. (remember, this is what the rep said, okay)  He also
said that even though you think that old lancelet is sharp, it dulls with
the first use, and then subsequently on each use.  If you looked at it under
a microscope, it would be pretty flat on the end after a few uses. Yuck!

Point being, I've been using the new device for about a month and it doesn't
hurt at all, or slightly after a day or two on the same lancelet <grin>.
And it *DOES* feel like you accidentally poked yourself with a pin, in and
out.  I find my fingers are less painful and I don't have the callus build
up I was getting with the others.

My problem with changing lancelets is, I have so much else to do.....   get
the strip, put it in the machine, load the lancelet, get the blood, write
the result down (5 secs with Ultra), take the bolus, etc., etc., etc. that I
changing the lancelet hasn't gotten to be part of my routine, yet.  Also I
don't know where to store all the used ones until I get home and dispose of
them in my sharps container.  Anyone else have the same problem?  Or a
solution that you've worked out?

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